Dear Entrepreneur, If You Run with the Wolves You will only learn how to howl

by Business Watch Team

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you only run with the wolves you will only learn how to howl but if you learn how to scale fly with the Eagles, you will learn how to scale greater heights.

The entrepreneurial journey is not as easy to stroll along the path. It is a journey along a long and winding road that has numerous challenges but only requires someone with the will to always hold on and focused on the ultimate goal no matter what.

Along the entrepreneurial journey, it is not how many times you fall to your knees but how many times you manage to rise up and continue moving after every fall. It is about never giving up. It is about never losing hope. It is about letting go of the fear of the unknown. It is about resilience.

Many entrepreneurs fall along the way and fail to rise up mostly because of the people they choose to walk along with. If you choose to tolerate and walk with mediocre people, the only thing you succeed in increasing your own mediocrity. A clear virtue of successful entrepreneurs is their intolerance towards mediocrity.

If you are determined to succeed along the entrepreneurial journey, then you have no choice but choose the right people to walk with along the journey. Do not opt to move alone. Remember, moving alone will only enable you to move fast but going far requires that you move along with others. Select a team that is professional and one that has a passion for your job and shares your ideas.

Never forget that not everyone will want you to move up. Most of the people who smile at you would want you to remain where they are and never going up the ladder. Never let this rule depart from you, if you run with the wolves, you will only learn how to howl but if you fly with eagles you will learn how to scale the heights.

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