Couples With Interest In Bitcoin Are More Romantic

by Business Watch Team

A recent survey done on 2,600 people has shown that having an active interest in cryptocurrency could be the new language of love.

According to the survey:

An active interest in crypto can be a significant plus in a romantic relationship: 83% of participants said that liking crypto was an attractive feature in a relationship.

Interest in Web3 can be a way to get noticed, as the survey found that almost 70% said they would be more excited about going on a date with someone if they found out they were interested in crypto.

Having enthusiasm for crypto also shows an openness to innovation and technological advancement. Almost 60% said that they find people interested in crypto appealing because they are tech-savvy.

Nearly 38% of those surveyed said their partner was just as passionate about crypto as they were, while 27% credited themselves for introducing their partner to the world of Web3 and its underlying technology.

A staggering 83% of respondents said they would prefer to receive a crypto gift card rather than flowers or chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

The survey findings are compelling and show that having an interest in crypto could be the key to a romantic relationship with like-minded enthusiasts this Valentine’s Day.

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