ChatGPT To Be Available In Form Of Mobile App Soon

by Business Watch Team

OpenAI, a startup behind the popular ChatGPT platform is set to launch a mobile app for the platform.

Currently, ChatGPT is only available on computer programs, and having it as an app will be another huge invention that will shift the sectors.

The popularity of ChatGPT became a global wind that seemed to catch and amaze everyone who interacted with it.

Around the world, the discussion has been around the massive artificial intelligence capabilities that the platform does in solving things that are beyond human.

The demand for ChatGPT has been growing with each passing day with many predicting that the time for AI to “take over the world” had come.

During the week, the creator of Gmail predicted doom for companies such as Google, saying ChatGPT will reader Google useless in the next two years.

According to him, people would rather choose to engage ChatGPT and get straight answers than go through tonnes of suggestions on Google.

Opponents of the program were of the opinion that it has come to kill creativity and remove a human feel in most things, especially writing.

The concern that ChatGPT will kill human touch and creativity forced OpenAI to create a feature that will tell one if a piece written was generated by a computer or human.

During the launch, despite its popularity, the platform had some shortcomings, especially in doing calculations and getting correct historical facts.

Already, there are talks of Microsoft considering integrating ChatGPT on some of its products like Word and PowerPoints to enable users to generate pieces faster if they so wish.

ChatGPT has already passed the United States medication certification exam as well as a law program, making it one of the smartest programs in the current world.

Academicians are, however, raising concerns about how it will affect the education sector.

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