CFAO Motors Announces New Graduates

by Business Watch Team

CFAO Motors, through the Toyota Kenya Foundation Academy, has announced the graduation of 30 trainees consisting of refugees from Kakuma, Kalobeyei Camp, and Turkana County under the Toyota Service Technician for the 21st Century (TST21) program.

The trainees, drawn from the informal (Juakali) automobile sector, underwent a 3 months training on soft skills, in-personal effectiveness, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

“We are incredibly proud of our latest cohort of graduates from the Toyota Academy Kenya,” said Arvinder Reel, the Managing Director of CFAO Motors.

“This cohort has demonstrated exceptional commitment and passion for the automotive industry, and we are confident that they will go on to make significant contributions to the industry and the economy as a whole.”

The training program has been delivered through classroom-based sessions and on-the-job training. Classroom-based sessions were held at Toyota Kenya Academy and facilitated by CFAO Motors’Motors’ experienced trainers. At the same time, on-the-job training was provided by PWJ at the garage in Kalobeyei and other garages.

“Our partnership with CFAO Motors through their Foundation came as a blessing. It came at a time the markets were shifting and thirsty for new ideas, skills, and indebt research. Toyota Kenya Academy has played a critical role in providing our students and instructors with new and emerging skills within the sector by providing the material and equipment we desperately need,” said Dr. Paul Wanyeki, Deputy Director of Compliance & Enforcement, TVETA

The automotive industry in Kenya is a significant contributor to the country’scountry’s economy, providing employment opportunities and supporting economic growth. However, a significant portion of the workforce in this sector operates informally and needs access to formal training and certification programs.

The Toyota academy was established to promote skills development and capacity building in the automotive industry in Kenya. Thus, the TST21 program was designed to improve the skills and knowledge of the participants to enable them to provide higher-quality services to customers. Furthermore, the program leads to increased job security and industry advancement opportunities for the trainees.

Amb. Dennis Awori, Chairman of Toyota Kenya Foundation, added that “the program enables those in the informal sector access to formal certification and recognition for their skills, enabling them to get a higher income and improve their economic stability, thus contributing to the development of the automotive industry in Kenya.”

The TST21 is supported by the Government of Japan, UN Women, CFAO Motors Kenya, Toyota Kenya Foundation, and Peace Winds Japan.

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