BuyRentKenya And Building In Kenya To Offer Online Real Estate Course

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BuyRentKenya (BRK) the leading property marketplace, and Building in Kenya (BIK), a personal social responsibility initiative that seeks to bridge the existent knowledge gap within the building sector, have entered into an agreement to impact and educate the real estate and construction sector, as well as the public at large.

They will fulfill this mission through a dedicated partnership, professionally curated webinars and workshops, as well as the creation and dissemination of Building in Kenya Online Courses.

Under the agreement, BIK will develop the content for the online course, while BRK will use its wide reach and platform to disseminate this information. The online course on construction in Kenya is available on BuyRentKenya’s platform.

The course will assist users to identify and evaluate risks involved at all phases of the construction process and avoid costly mistakes. The Buy Rent Kenya users will also be granted access to discounted offers on all BIK Courses. Also under the agreement, BuyRentKenya will continue to host workshops and webinars in partnership with Building in Kenya in a bid to empower Kenyans with information to build better.

BIK co-founder Emma Miloyo said that the course aims at addressing challenges that developers face in the conception, execution, and management of projects.

“Our experience with developers of various structures at the individual, family, and corporate level and who have the varied experience be it developing for the first time or are serial developers has shown that there is an information gap that has proven quite expensive due to making avoidable mistakes. This course will guide developers to build better, ethically, and profitably,” said Architect Miloyo.

The agreement comes on the back of a spate of buildings collapsing across various counties which authorities have attributed to poor workmanship, use of substandard materials, non-compliance to building standards and regulations, inadequate structural design and overloading, and inadequate maintenance of structures.

BuyRentKenya CEO Elizabeth Costabir said that the new course will supplement the marketplace’s goal of creating a one-stop informational resource for users. The course will also be the launching pad for more BIK-BRK educational interventions that seek to positively impact players within the industry.

“Users are increasingly seeking additional information on all aspects of real estate from buying, selling property, and the construction process. This course will adequately address these needs by ensuring users have the right information to make informed choices.”

BuyRentKenya’s latest partnership comes on the heels of a similar recent partnership with real estate firm Optiven.

The two firms signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create a symbiotic relationship for advancing the multibillion property sector.

The Economic Survey 2022 estimated that the sector contributed Ksh 552 Billion to Kenya’s GDP in 2021.

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