Britam Rolls Out Kshs 100 Travel Insurance For Kenyans

by Business Watch Team

Britam General Insurance has today launched a new travel insurance plan in partnership with Kenya’s leading tour and travel company – Bonfire Adventures and insuretech firm – Perks.

Under the collaboration, Britam will provide Bonfire’s customers, with travel insurance plans, insuring them against accidental injuries, illnesses, and deaths, at a cost of KShs 100 for 5 days.

In case of an accident resulting in death, an amount of Kshs 100,000 will be paid to the beneficiaries of the covered, while a similar amount will be paid in the event of permanent disability arising from an accident during the trip. Additionally, should Bonfire customers get medical treatment from an accident during the trip, they will be paid Kshs 40,000.

For Ksh 500, travelers booking through the Bonfire Portal will also benefit from another cover insuring them for evacuation and hospitalization during their trip. The benefits of this cover include Kshs 100,000 for death and Kshs 100,000 for permanent disability arising from an accident during the trip. Additional benefits include Kshs 100,000 for inpatient medical treatment and Kshs 40,000 for emergency medical evaluation during the trip.

“We want to ensure that Kenyans have peace of mind when creating memories with their loved ones; both individually and collectively,” said Evah Kimani, Britam’s Director for Partnerships and Digital, while announcing the partnership.

“The value of this cover is that there are no long-term commitments or laborious paperwork making it affordable, effective, and efficient,” said Bonfire’s Managing Director Sarah Kabu.

The partnership between Britam Holdings and Bonfire Adventures was facilitated by Perks, an Insurtech firm supported by Qhala Venture Lab, that provides insurance for micro-entrepreneurs, gig economy workers, and other operators in micro-economies.

“By piloting this pay as you go, insurance cover model, we are making insurance more accessible to all. With an increase of gig economy workers and a younger generation that does not necessarily believe in long-term plans, insurance on the go is a model that we must explore,” Wangui Karanja, CEO, and Co-Founder of Perks.

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