Breaking Down OPPO Reno5’s Fast Charging Technology

by Business Watch Team

Smartphone features such as fast charging were only limited to high-end devices, but thanks to increased competition and the offering of new features in every new release, it has become one of the top considerations people look at before making a purchase.

People are increasingly looking for a smartphone that has powerful batteries and charge faster than other players on the market. This has led to phone makers embracing the fast-charging solutions that are now taking over the market by storm.

The technology has reduced the torturous waiting periods for charging from 3 to 4 hours to a few minutes of charge that lasts you through your busy day. This technology has enabled people to have more time interacting with their phones as opposed to waiting for hours for them to charge.

One market player that has integrated the fast charging technology is OPPO. OPPO studies show that most users charge their phone upon waking up in the morning, with most charging their phone for only half an hour, and around 50% responding that they are most likely to only charge for 15 minutes. Since many of the latest smartphones are equipped with a battery of 4000mAh or larger, this poses greater demands on charging technology.

The latest offering, the 50W Flash Charge that is available on the OPPO Reno5, showcases the company’s industry leadership on this front.

Compared to the 30W Flash Charge of Reno4, the 50W Flash Charge increases the maximum power by 66.6%. This ensures sufficient battery life with just a short charge time. For example, the 50W Flash Charge can have the battery charge up to 80% in as little as 31 minutes, and only 48 minutes to charge the Reno5 to 100% of the battery. Even with only 5 minutes of charging, Reno5’s 4310mAh battery with 50W Flash Charge can support up to 3 hours of video playback. The ability to swiftly top-up battery life will help to ease battery anxieties.

At the same time, the 50W Flash Charge implements 5-layer Charging Protection for comprehensive end-to-end protection. All nodes, including the adapter, USB cable, mobile phone, and battery, are protected by specialized chips. At each node, these chips check whether the voltage and current levels are within permissible limits. Whenever there is a deviation from normal limits detected by one of the nodes, the current is switched off immediately.

On top of meeting the high requirements for hardware and safety standards, Reno5 includes 8 temperature sensors that constantly monitor the temperature on the device surface and intelligently adjust the charging current accordingly.

It is common practice to charge your phone overnight while sleeping; however, many users are concerned that overnight charging will degrade battery life. Therefore, on top of system protections, the Reno5 has additional night charging protection, which will intelligently monitor the user’s sleep and charging habits to automatically adjusting the charging speed and charging time accordingly. This ensures that the battery is not charging while it is already at full power, which often causes users to worry.

The fast charge system includes an optimized constant-voltage charge algorithm that ensures voltage stabilization for enhanced safety. With the all-day Smart Power Saving Reno 5 comes with, users can keep using their phones without charging frequently.

If set on the Superpower Saving Mode Reno 5 significantly decreases the CPU frequency, lowers the screen brightness, limits some background processes, and the last 5 percent of charge will ensure that the phone activities run smoothly.

There is the Super Nighttime Standby too that decreases the battery life by only 2 percent. The feature activates itself.

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