Aga Khan Nairobi Lauded As The Best In Handling Heart Attacks

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Aga Khan

The Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi has been showered with praises by an American citizen for exceptional services in the management of heart attacks. In a video trending online, the American citizen by the name Tony, lauded the Aga Khan University Hospital for prompt care when he suffered a heart attack while in Kenya. Tony commended the hospital for its world-class service and professionalism,

“I have been in many hospitals, all over the United States and in Europe, and this is top-notch,” says Tony, of his experience at AKUH.

AKUH has in recent times gone after international accreditations of its services to benchmark with top hospitals in America. The hospital has twice been certified as a Centre of Excellence for the management of heart attacks by the Joint Commission International (JCI) – the recognized global leader in health quality standards. The hospital has also been certified by JCI as a Centre of Excellence for Management of Stroke.

“The treatment I have received in this hospital surpasses the treatment I have received anywhere. I thank God for the doctors, nurses, staff, and the technology that they have here at this facility,” adds Tony.

Heart attacks are a medical emergency, and prompt treatment is required to ensure a patient’s survival. While announcing its accreditation, AKUH stated that it has put in place standardized protocols to ensure that each heart attack patient receives the same quality of care and on time.

In Kenya, many heart attack cases in Kenya go undiagnosed and do not receive timely treatment. This is because patients or caregivers fail to recognize the significance of the symptoms and do not seek assistance. Heart attack diagnosis and treatment are also hindered by the lack of some facilities in the country. At a minimum, a hospital should be able to do an ECG, and basic blood tests, and administer medications known as thrombolytics, or “clot busters”.

“Our cardiology services include a state-of-the-art catheterization lab that caters to our patients who need invasive, often lifesaving, procedures.  We also conduct a range of non-invasive procedures to assist our patients with cardiovascular disease,” states AKUH on its website.

In the video, the patient showcases the ICU unit, which he says is one of the highest standards he has experienced in the world. The patient also praised the team of cardiologists who ensured he was treated with the urgency required.

“Our heart attack service is considered one of the best in Africa,” reads a statement on AKUH’s website.

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