5,300 Hustlers Graduate Google Hustle Academy

by Business Watch Team

Five thousand three hundred (5,300) small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have graduated from Google’s Hustle Academy.

This milestone underscores their dedication to improving business acumen and skill sets. The graduation demonstrates the impact of the program, with over 10,000 entrepreneurs across Africa benefiting from the program since its launch in 2022.

The Hustle Academy program focuses on addressing the challenges faced by African SMBs and provides practical skills and resources that are essential for business growth. This year’s cohort builds upon the foundation of the more than 5,000 SMBs who graduated last year.

Mr. Henry Rithaa  – CEO, of Micro & Small Enterprise Authority (MSEA), Kenya, said, “Congratulations to Google Hustle Hustle Academy for training over 3,000 SMBs in Kenya so far through your one-week boot camp. SMBs are the economic growth engine of Kenya. Empowering SMBs is empowering a nation”

The graduates represent a wide range of industries, demonstrating the diverse and dynamic nature of Kenyan entrepreneurship. These businesses, through their participation in the Hustle Academy, have shown a remarkable capacity for innovation and resilience.

Agnes Gathaiya, Country Director, East Africa commented, “The determination and growth exhibited by these SMBs are commendable. The Hustle Academy program stands as a beacon of what practical training and resource provision can accomplish. Today’s graduation is not only a celebration of their hard work but also an acknowledgment of their role in enriching the Kenyan business environment.”

Melanie Hapisu, founder of DigiPath Africa and a graduate of the program, elaborated on her experience, ‘The Hustle Academy’s training wasn’t just about theories; it was about real, actionable strategies that have transformed the way we operate at DigiPath Africa. As a business, adapting to market demands while ensuring sustainable growth is challenging. The Academy’s practical insights have been crucial in helping us navigate these challenges, fostering innovation, and enabling us to make more informed decisions that are critical for our long-term success.

Through a variety of programs, products, and partnerships, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Africa are receiving substantial support, helping them navigate the challenges of the modern business world. Programs like the Hustle Academy are part of Google’s broader commitment to bolster the African business sector.

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