5.5 Billion Ads Were Blocked Or Removed By Google In 2023

by Business Watch Team

Duncan Lennox, Vice President and General Manager of Ads Privacy and Safety at Google, announced the release of the company’s annual Ads Safety Report for the year 2023. The report highlights Google’s ongoing efforts to uphold the integrity of the digital advertising ecosystem and protect users from online scams and misinformation.

In his statement, Lennox underscored the critical role that billions of people worldwide play in relying on Google products for relevant and trustworthy information, including ads. He emphasized the dedication of thousands of Google employees working tirelessly to safeguard the digital advertising space.

One of the key trends observed in 2023, according to the report, was the significant impact of generative AI on the digital advertising industry. While this technology introduced exciting advancements such as performance optimization and image editing, it also posed new challenges. Google is committed to addressing these challenges head-on while leveraging generative AI to enhance enforcement efforts significantly.

Google’s safety teams have embraced Large Language Models (LLMs), such as Gemini, to rapidly review and interpret content at scale. This advanced technology enables more precise enforcement decisions and helps identify emerging threats, particularly in areas like financial services and misleading advertisements.

In response to the rising incidence of scams and fraud across online platforms, Google updated its policies, deployed rapid-response enforcement teams, and sharpened its detection techniques in 2023. The company introduced the Limited Ads Serving policy, designed to protect users by limiting the reach of advertisers with questionable behavior.

The report also highlights Google’s efforts to protect election integrity by enforcing identity verification and transparency requirements for election advertisers and restricting ads that promote false election claims.

In 2023, Google blocked or removed over 5.5 billion ads and 12.7 million advertiser accounts, underscoring the company’s commitment to combating online abuse. The majority of enforcement actions were initiated using machine learning models, including LLMs.

Looking ahead, Google remains committed to developing new policies, strengthening enforcement systems, and collaborating across industries to tackle emerging challenges in the digital advertising space.

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