You Need Discipline To Save

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It is never easy to save. Nobody should lie to you that you can effectively start saving and make it in life. No. Saving is not that easy.

Saving is a culture. It is a culture that is nurtured and grown over time. Some say it is a habit. A habit is what you repeatedly do.

Saving should be from within. It is should be into you. It should be a purpose, a goal that you hope to achieve.

To save, you need to be discipline. No financially indiscipline person can purport to save and make it. That will be a lie. Being financially discipline is not easy either. It is a sacrifice.

Saving is not by chance. It is not by luck either. Saving needs a plan. Before thinking of how and what to save, you need to have a workable and realistic plan.

Before, they would say save then use what remains. To be honest,  that rule is now outdated and it doesn’t apply. It is imperative to admit that the economy is tough and you must put this into consider while thinking of saving.

Before saving, ask yourself the following questions; how much are you making per day, week or month? What are your total expanses? What remains after all the expenses? What will you rely on until the next pay? Do you month then save what remains.

It is advisable to save at least 10% of your income. That means you will have the 90% for other purposes. If you cannot make to save 10%, never go beyond 8%. For instance, if your salary is 30,000 shillings, all you need to save is 3,000 shillings.

If you purpose to be saving 3,000 shillings every month, then you must make it part of you. It must become your habit. You must condition yourself so that come what may, you will automatically put aside 3,000 shillings as your savings.

Remember, saving required discipline.

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