World Vasectomy Day Returns to Kenya: It’s a Time for Men to show their Love

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For too long, the issue of family planning has been an ‘emotive issue’ for Kenyan men. The majority of them believe that family planning is the responsibility of a woman and that it is taboo for a man to be actively involved in family planning.

While it has been a hard task to convince Kenyan men to share the burden of family planning, attitudes have been changing since World Vasectomy Day had a hugely successful event in Nairobi in November 2016. More than 130 heroes received free vasectomies from renowned international doctors at an event held at the Kenyan National Theater.

Nevertheless, family planning is a subject that some men dread to discuss for they feel that after the process, they will no longer be ‘real men’ but just ‘walking vessels.’ Despite large family sizes in general and the pill for men not proving to be effective, vasectomy still has not taken root in Kenya. Sadly, most men don’t know that a vasectomy is a superb method of contraception and some even doubt the process altogether.

The modern procedure for vasectomy is simple, safe, and effective. Moreover, it only takes 10 minutes to complete and is entirely painless. At worst, men may experience mild discomfort for about two days and, most importantly, one can resume an active sex life and work after two days. It is advisable, however, to still take precautions for up to 30 ejaculations sine traces of sperm remain in the semen.

The good thing about a vasectomy is that a man takes the initiative to undergo it once he has a satisfactory number of children. This is why doctors often insist that those who want to undergo it first have to already have children or be convinced that they never want have children.

The cost of the procedure has kept many men away from the vasectomy procedure. In Kenya, a vasectomy costs 15,000 shillings, an amount that many men consider ‘too expensive’ and instead would prefer their wives to take the pill.

Apart from the 2016 event, some Kenyan men had an exclusive opportunity to undergo a vasectomy last year from international experts led by Dr. Charles Ochieng, a Kenyan.

Dr. Ochieng is East Africa’s premier vasectomist and he will be hosting a team of international doctors who will be performing free vasectomies in Nairobi. They will be available at the FHOK Phoenix Office on Kenyatta Avenue from April 23-26.

Choosing to have a vasectomy doesn’t have to be a tough decision. It is a personal choice. Talk with your partner or girlfriend and ponder what is best for your situation. Compared to tubal litigation, vasectomy is much cheaper and safer. Speaking of cost, vasectomy is a one-time cost compared to the cost of other birth control methods. I’m sure this is something your partner will smile about. Moreover, she won’t have to block her oviducts to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

As opposed to birth control pills, vasectomy is incredibly effective if you don’t want to father any more kids. It also doesn’t affect the sexual functioning, although the volume of what you ejaculate will be slightly reduced.

The risks of vasectomy are low. While any other procedure comes with its fair share of side effects, vasectomies are uncomplicated. It is quick and usually done in the doctor’s office. Nevertheless, the recovery is really fast!

Apart from simplifying sex, and the cost also being cheaper than kids, your partner will also be so grateful.

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