Why KNBS data on Unemployment is an Insult To Kenyans

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The Kenya National Bureau of Statics released data on the state of the unemployment in the country.

According to the data agency, the unemployment rate in the country now stands at 7.4 percent.

The report stays that the unemployment rate shrunk steadily to the end of 2016 to stand at 7..4 percent.

This report is nothing but an insult to Kenyans. It is a report that has been generated to fit the lies of the government in power that they have created millions of employment opportunities for Kenyans.

If anything, the unemployment in Kenya just got worse. World Bank puts it at 39.1 percent and institutions are ever emitting people into the job market each passing year.

This is not the first time KNBS is giving conflicting data. I have bashed it several times after it started giving inflation rates with figures that don’t add up.

Kenyans are entitled to information and this doesn’t mean that they have to be fed with false information.

There is need for figures being peddled around by government agencies to reflect what is happening on the ground.

It looks like some of these agencies are becoming propaganda tools for the government.

This should stop. We need genuine data.

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