Top 10 Skills that are Hard To Learn but with Best Returns

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There are skills that people see as too common to even associate with. The truth is, these skills are hard to lean but once mastered they have the best returns. Here are 10 of them:

  1. Time management – they say, time is money and that ‘killing time’ is not murder but suicide. Many people are very poor time managers and they think that it is a common thing.
  2. Empathy – this is the ability to understand and share feelings of another person.
  3. Mastering your sleep – this is healthy. It gives you time to relax, reflect and wake up afresh.
  4. Positive self-talk – about appreciating yourself before others do. About giving yourself hope. About not minding what others have to say to determine your happiness.
  5. Consistency – it doesn’t hurt to be consistent. The ability to stick to what you know is right without wavering.
  6. Asking for help – you should never feel ashamed.
  7. Knowing when to shut up – this will keep you from trouble.
  8. Minding your own business – by keeping out of other people’s business
  9. Mastering your thoughts – this will guide your tongue.
  10. Having good manners
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