The SME Bosses Of 2019

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People don’t leave jobs, they leave bad bosses. Someone said that the worst kind of bosses are found in the SME sector.

Most bosses in the SME sector are said to be brutal, insensitive, stiff and never willing to learn. The majority of them are Mr and Mrs Know It All.

The main reason why SMEs are dying at such a greater speed is because of bosses who do not want to learn or listen on how they can better their business.

With the new taxes coming into force this coming January, an great SME boss should:


Just listen. You will not stop being a boss by listening. Sometimes we miss the point by always talking. There is power in silence. There is power in listening. Listen to what your juniors have to say. They may have something that will shield your business from collapsing.

Reward loyalty

Loyalty is rare. Treat every loyalty like treasure because once it goes, you will never retain it. Loyalty is not desperation. Some of your employees are genuinely loyal to your business. Do not feel threatened with their loyalty. Do not think that it is your chance to exploit them because of their loyalty. The moment you push that loyal employee to the point of saying “to hell”, then you lose it.

Inspire your team

Show a sense of direction. Don’t just demand results but show how the results can be gotten. Let the team see you leading, show them how it is done then set them free to do it in their own creative ways. A team that is inspired works more and delivers more than any other team.

Nurture talent

Never let talent within your business go to your competitors. Do what it takes to always retain the best talent with you. Listen to your team and convince the best talents to stay.

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