The Joke Mounted By DPP Noordin Haji Against Professor Tom Ojienda

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When Professor Tom Ojienda was arrested and detained at Muthaiga Police Station on Friday, everyone thought that the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Noordin Haji had a case against him.

Defence lawyers expected him (DPP) to present a strong case, coupled with solid evidence against Professor Tom Ojienda as he claimed but it appears nothing was there strong enough to hold water.

From the beginning, it was obvious that Processor Tom Ojienda was being targeted by some invisible “powerful” forces tailored towards making sure that he is out of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and his career as well as reputation ruined.

“This charge sheet is a joke man. If I were Professor Ojienda, I would have sued the DPP for both illegal arrest, unlawful detention and unwarranted searches,” said Obed Simiyu, a journalist in Nairobi.

The charges leveled against Professor Tom Ojienda by the DPP displayed an open joke, set to hide the truth, tarnish the name of Professor Ojienda and a clear waste of the time of the court.

In the words of lawyer Nelson Havi, the charges against Professor Ojienda by the DPP showed how the DPP has continued to excel in opportunistic disappointment and constitutional rogueism.

“We thought he had a case against Prof. Tom Ojienda. How is it criminal for an Advocate to file a Bill of Costs for work done?” Lawyer Nelson Havi asked through his official Twitter handle.

On Monday, the High Court, through Justice Chacha Mwita issued orders barring plea taking and searches on Professor Tom Ojienda. This means, Mr. Haji needs to go back to the drawing board and either put his house in order or come up with another scheme.

“An Advocate cannot be charged with criminal offences over legal fees agreed upon with a client,” said Lawyer Otiende Amollo, who is also a Member of Parliament.

In the words of some politicians, the war on corruption should not be used as a weapon to frustrate those we don’t agree with.

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