The Arrest Of Professor Tom Ojienda is Unjustifiable

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Professor Tom Ojienda was arrested on Friday by officers from both the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC).

Professor Tom Ojienda is being accused of taking part in the disappearance of 200 million shillings from Mumias Sugar Company.

The arrest of Professor Ojienda is unjustifiable and both the DCI and the EACC should sit down, reflect, reconsider the decision and release him.

Since when providing a legal service became a crime in Kenya? If Mumias Sugar Company contracted Professor Tom Ojienda to provide a service, there must have been a contract.

In the existence of a contract, a service is legal provided due process was followed in procuring the same. If Mumias Sugar Company agreed to the legal fees set by the Professor and signed the contract, how is that a crime?

The arrest of Professor Ojienda looks like a well outlined scheme, that has been in the pipeline for long, aimed at locking out Professor Ojienda from the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) position.

There has been desperate efforts from certain quarters, including the use of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to paint Professor Ojienda in bad light.

Why was the Professor arrested on a Friday? He is a Senior Counsel and a Member of the JSC. Is he a flight risk? How? The reason for him being arrested on a Friday is for the officers to secure another search warrant so that they can raid his home and office in “search of evidence”. It seems they do not have “evidence” as it is the norm.

As we wait for justice to take its course, government institutions should not be used to frustrate individuals. But, come to think of it, who is pulling the strings?

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