Six Months On, Still No Water in Nairobi

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Nairobi, Kenya’s first capital city has been facing an acute water shortage for more than six months now.

The shortage was as a result of a massive drop of water levels in Ndakaini Dam, one that supplies more than 80 percent of the City’s water.

Government officials attributed the shortage to the prolonged drought that had hit most parts of the country with the weather department promising that things were prone to change after a few months. More than six months down the line and the taps in Nairobi are still dry.

The County Government of Nairobi started a water rationing program with most parts within the city going without water. The national government through the Ministry of Water and Irrigation promised to drill more than 80 boreholes within the city but the promise was forgotten as soon as it was made.

We shall drill more than 80 boreholes within Nairobi in the next three weeks. That was the promise from the government four months ago. Nothing tangible happened.

Water vendors are making a kill from the sale of water. A 20 litre jerrican of water is going for between 30 and 50 shillings from the normal 5 shillings with some areas people having to buy water for as much as 100 shillings per 20 litre jerrican. 

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