Schneider Electric Outlines Three Key Steps to Supporting Entrepreneurs

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Schneider Electric which is striving to make sure that the world has access to affordable modern energy has outlined three key steps to help support entrepreneurs who deal with energy and electricity.

According to Schneider, a total of 1.6 billion people around the world live without electricity with Sub Saharan Africa accounting for half the number.

Schneider says that there is need for entrepreneurs to empowered in matters concerning energy and electricity if the world wants to achieve full access to modern modern energy.

Among the steps outlined by Schneider include:

i) Training

There is need to raise awareness among entrepreneurs about energy, equipping them with practical field knowledge as well as giving them especially electricians skills about safety.

ii) Mentoring

Everyone needs a mentor in order to grow. Schneider plans to help mentor entrepreneurs through mobilizing local advisors, sharing expertise as well as experience and providing them with all the managerial tools.

iii) Funding

Many entrepreneurs, especially in Sub Saharan Africa have had to close shop due to inadequacy in funding. Schneider plans to connect them with financial opportunities, fostering tailored forms of funding as well as facilitating growth.

Access to clean, affordable and modern energy is a right to every human beings and the world has a long journey to walk and ensuring that this is realized.


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