NASA Unveils 9 Ambitious Plans For Kenya As Jubilee Displays its Scorecard

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A day after the ruling party Jubilee displayed its scorecards to the electorates as well as launching its reelection manifesto, the opposition, National Super Alliance (NASA) has launched its five-year nine-point manifesto.
Here is a look into the nine ambitious points from NASA. Are they realistic or just part of those political innuendos that will never see the light of the day?
1. To on the list ofNASA’s pledges is the fostering nationhood through the creation of vibrant industries as well as putting up strong financial institutions to avoid misuse of public resource.
2.Putting more focus on key sectors such as education, health, security and social safety, business, social care and infrastructure.
3. To transfer all devolved functions to the county governments as mandated by the constitution.
4. Delegating all the responsibility of both secondary and primary education to the county governments.
5. Being transparent in everything it does to avoid corruption and keep all the corrupt official out its government.
6. Eliminating all incidences of children dropping out of schools.

“No child will be branded a school dropout in a NASA government.”

7. Mounting of a public-private partnership to scale up affordable housing development with a target of delivering 500,000 units of affordable housing.
8. Increase in maize yields from 8.5 to 12.5 bags per acre over the next 5 years.
9. NASA will outline a solution to the doubled public debt accumulated in the Jubilee government.

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