More Maize Shortage in Future as Armyworms Destroy Quarter of Expected Yield

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The hope of Kenyans having enough supply of maize this harvest season has diminished as the government admitted that the vicious armyworms have already destroyed a quarter of the expected yield.

Early this year, armyworms struck farmers across the country, matching through more than 20 counties, especially those traditionally known as Kenya’s basket, destroying hundreds of thousands of acres of maize.

Many farmers in Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu and Bungoma Counties have been left counting losses as they helplessly watch their maize plantations being devoured by the destructive armyworms.

Farmers have heaped blame on the government through the Ministry of Agricultural for neglecting them and their fields. They say that the government had promised to help them with pesticides but never did anything to help.

Well, the dream of Kenyans having affordable unga during this harvest season just disappeared.


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