La Ropa Tienda Takes Over Nairobi’s CBD

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Have you seen the new trends in the fashion market? Well, La Ropa Tienda has taken the wave in the Kenyan Market trending and being one of the most viewed pages for the past weeks.

La Ropa Tienda, which stands for clothes started as an online business specializing in Bodysuits whereby it attracted so many women.
They have now opened a physical shop based in the CBD, Elegant Exhibition 1st floor, shop D9 due to its high demand.

Talking to some of their customers, we were informed that the brands’ customer service and delivery are on point. The bodysuits are of high quality and also affordable in pricing.

This brand is slowly taking over the market as they are now set to open La Ropa Executive specializing in Dresses, Jumpsuits, and Rompers from the UK, for its Celebrity/Executive clientele

Watch out for La Ropa Tienda in the Kenyan Fashion Market, slowly taking over the industry.

Instagram : la_ropa_tienda
Facebook: La Ropa Tienda

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