Kienyeji Chicken Farming in Kenya

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Chicken farming is one of the most ancient mode of farming, documented in both historical and religious books.

One of the most common mode of chicken farming is the rearing of ‘kienyeji’ chicken. These are indigenous or traditional breed of chicken that are not scientifically engineered.

The term ‘kienyeji’, however, does not necessary mean local chicken only but it is a Swahili word that simply means ‘free range’. The rearing of free range chicken is a common practice in Kenya.

There are various methods of rearing kienyeji’ chicken but two are commonly used:

1. Free Range

In this method of chicken rearing, the birds are not confined in one place. They are left to roam freely of a wide are to look for food themselves. In most cases, some structures are provided to protect the birds in case their is an adverse weather condition.

2. Backyard Extensive System

In this method, the birds are housed at night and allowed to roam freely during the day in the fields. In most cases, the birds are fed before leaving the house in the morning.

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