KCC Pulls Its Products Off Nakumatt Supermarket Shelves

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New KCC has pulled off its products from the once vibrant East African largest retail chain, Nakumatt.

KCC has said that it has taken the move as a way of protecting its business even as uncertainties continue to surround the operations of the troubled Nakumatt Supermarket.

The dairy products company has cited the prolonged delay in payments by Nakumatt for various supplies the company has made to the retailer.

This is the second time KCC is withdrawing its products from Nakumatt. During the month of February, the company cut links with Nakumatt in a move to protest against delayed payments that moved beyond the normal three-month period.

The troubles facing Nakumatt seem to be far from over. Early last month, the retailer closed three more branches in Uganda with word going round that it was planning to shut down seven more branches in Kenya.

The retailer also faces resistance from its employees who have been complaining of delayed salaries with the company agreeing to pay them in phases.


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