Is the Move To Tame The Wage Bill an Avenue To Public Looting?

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The Salaries and Remuneration Commission, SRC has moved to cut salaries of senior government officials in a move that the commission hopes will tame the ballooning wage bill.

In the new outlined salaries, the next President to be elected after the August 8th 2017 will pocket 1.44 million shillings per month from the current 1.65 million shillings per month. The next Deputy President will earn 1.22 million shillings per month from the current 1.4 million shillings per month.

Governors will now earn 924 thousand shillings per month with their Members of County Assemblies taking home 144 thousand shillings per month. Members of Parliament will take home 621 thousand shillings per month while Cabinet Secretaries will pocket 924 thousand shillings.

The SCR has also abolished all allowances for Members of Parliament, Governors and their deputies. The Salaries and Remuneration Commission hopes that the country will save 8.8 billion shillings annually from the current salary outlines.

Many people now feel that the SRC has made a miscalculated move by touching on the salaries of Members of Parliament and politicians. Touching on salaries of politicians in Kenya is like unmasking a ghost that will stand at nothing but has its way.

Analysts now say that the new salary recommendations may not take effect given the fact that politicians have hugely been affected.

“Believe me you, come September when the new parliament will resume, the first thing that the angry and hungry politicians will do will be to quash the SRC’s decision. Am sure these politicians will not take anything less than a hefty salary packs on their back,” said Juma Sinino, a farmer in Bungoma County.

Kenyans have also expressed their concerns on social media channels saying that the move is a PR move by politicians to get votes from the gullible Kenyans and turning against them after the elections.

Others feel that the move by SRC will open avenues for massive looting of public resources. Many feel that politicians might loot to supplement their income with those in picture being Members of Parliament, MCAs and governors.


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