HIV Infection among the Youth Alarming

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Statistics have shown that the HIV infection rate among the youth in Kenya has reached an alarming rate.

Experts are warning that if something is not done soon, then the gains made in the fighting of HIV will be brought to nothing.

Among the findings, majority of the youth are increasingly avoiding the use of condoms during sex.

In a raging debate on who is to blame on the increasing abandonment on the use of condoms, it is emerging that ladies are to blame.

“Many ladies hate using condoms. They say that the ‘thing’ hurts. Nothing pleases a man like a lady who refuses a condom,” said Benard Chesoli, a teacher in Kiambu County.

The HIV infection rate is high in institutions of higher learning including universities and colleges where most students view the use of a condom as an archaic thing.

“If we want the use of a condom to be a success, then we need to start by enlightening the ladies. Let them know why it is important for a man to have a condom on,” said Benard.

The rate at which ladies are using “morning-after-pills”, commonly known as P2 has raided an alarm. The pill keeps one from getting pregnant after an unprotected sex.

” The pill is supposed to be taken at least once a month but some ladies have made it a daily habit,” said a chemist in Nairobi who did not want to be mentioned.

Well, they say that ladies in Kenya fear pregnancy more than HIV. Until we change that, the virus continues to spread.

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