Government to Give Subsidized Maize to 40 Posho Mills in Nairobi

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The government has identified a total of 40 posho mills within Nairobi that are set to receive the government subsidized maize to ease the prevailing shortage of maize flour across the country.

The move comes days after the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics indicated that Kenyans are paying 119 shillings for a 2-kilogram packet of maize flour, 29 shillings above the 90 shillings directed by the government.

KNBS also noted that Kenyans who rely on posho mills are paying 130 shillings for 2 kilograms of maize flour, more than 40 shillings above the government recommended price of 90 shillings.

Kenyans have complained that they have not received a reprieve from the subsidized maize flour from the government as the flour is not available especially in the villages.

Poor Kenyans in the villages have been left under the mercy of posho millers who have been exploiting them by selling to them the much needed unga at higher prices.

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