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On Friday, 21st December, the Business Daily will have a special edition with a pullout that will include the 40 gambles that paid off during the year.

The Top 40 Under 40 Men edition will feature a total of 40 men who own business or enterprises and who have successfully managed to maneuver through the hard economic times to make it.

They say that learning is a process and people stop growing when they stop learning. One never learns if they will always pretend to have knowledge of everything.

Entrepreneurship is a journey that has many ups and downs. Along with this journey, there are those who have made it and those who are about to give up. Most of the time, along with this journey, we need someone to hold our hand and there is no better way than learning from those who have already made it in the same field.

The Top 40 Under 40 for both men and women showcases those who have made it in various fields of business and, in the process, encourage those who might have given up but still have a chance to rise again. It is also through the Top 40 Under 40 that one can get a business idea by learning from what others have done before.

This coming Friday, you have a chance to learn the challenges that others have gone through in setting up and running a business. You have a chance to learn on the kind of business that fits you and one that can survive, giving you maximum returns and value for your investment.

This pullout will only be available in the Business Daily newspaper on 21st of December.

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