General Motors Launches a Vehicle Clinic To Enhance Road Safety

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General Motors East Africa (GMEA) has this week launched its Isuzu Dmax service clinic for all single and double cab pick-ups.

The service clinic, which will take place in all GMEA’s country wide dealerships, is aimed at improving road safety for drivers by supporting them to use genuine spare parts to service their vehicles.

Speaking at the GMEA Assembly Plant, Githua Ngaruiya, GMEA’s General Manager for Aftersales, said the service clinic will offer highly discounted and competitive prices on all Isuzu Dmax spare parts and services to its customers.

According to our research, only 23% of the motor vehicles parts that are sold and used in the country are genuine. This has a direct implication on safety for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other road users which reduces drastically through use of counterfeit spare parts, said Githua.

Githua further explained the various activities GMEA undertakes to improve on road safety for all its customers and others who are served by Isuzu vehicles.

“The widespread importation of counterfeit parts, known as ‘alternatives’, is negatively affecting the sector and motorists’ safety, while at the same time affecting vehicle performance. The result is the high rate of road accidents currently being witnessed in Kenya. By installing these counterfeits in vehicles, life threatening accidents happen, for example, because of break pad failure, and losing control of the car due to the use of unreliable steering fluids among others,” said Githua.

Githua also indicated that the rate of accidents, according to NTSA statistics, continues to increase with 168 drivers so far losing their lives through crashes this year. However, he noted that through GMEA’s activities such as defensive driving classes for all drivers on road safety, the Isuzu Mashinani project that distributes genuine spare parts to the mashinani areas and Likizo Fest, uptake of genuine spare parts will improve and assist to reduce this number significantly.

Speaking at Thika Motor Dealers, one of GMEA’s dealerships, James Mucheru pointed out the importance of servicing vehicles with genuine spare parts.

“As a driver, it is my duty to ensure that road safety is maintained on and off the road. This means checking what kind of spare parts I use to service my vehicle and who services my vehicle. As a driver and customer, I am pleased with the initiatives GMEA keeps coming up with to maintain and improve road safety not only for customers but for every road user.”



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