FiveSok Transforming Lives of Kenyans Through Part-time Jobs

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Everyone would love to have a part-time job. The young people call it a side hustle. This is the kind of a job that you do beside your main job. It may be a business, an errand or a job similar to what you are doing with the only difference being that you give it less time or you do it during your free time.

World Bank estimates that more than 25.5 million Kenyans are jobless with the number increasing with each passing day. Most Kenyans, especially the youth, are desperately looking for jobs. Online jobs have become handy in the present days than ever before.

FiveSok is the only platform in Kenya that is transforming the lives of Kenyans by giving them part-time jobs. The platform has more than 5,000 part-time jobs in almost all the fields from carpentry to driving, from engineering to mechanic to product delivery to art and design.

FiveSok is such convent that a part-time job seeker has to do is just going to the platform, go through the services requested and choose one that suites them and then request to be given the job and it is done. One can also post a job for free as he or she seeks for experts to work on the job.

The main mission and vision of FiveSok is to make a difference. It is about making the lives of other people better. We don’t make profits, we just want to see a better Kenya with a working population – Emmanuel Soroba, CEO and Founder of FiveSok.

FiveSok is an online marketplace like other platforms but more unique than all of them. This is because this platform solely deals with skills and employment opportunities with people wanting to hire out their skills and expertise as well as those seeking to have experts to work on their projects.

Isaac Korir, a Journalist but who has been looking for a job for years is one such beneficiary of FiveSok.

I started doing online writing. Academic writing to be more specific. I posted my skill on FiveSok and a certain lady reached out to me. I started writing for her since then and am now able to make both ends meet – Isaac Korir.

FiveSok has even people looking for house helps and they are always happy with the experts they find.

Jane Njeri, from Kiambu County got a house girl from the platform.

I was on Twitter and I saw someone who had posted something about FiveSok. I was desperately looking for a house help. On the platform, I was interested in a lady from Western Kenya and I hired and am now happy. What is more is I pay her salary through the platform – Njeri.

Well, if you are looking for a part-time job, then FiveSok is the platform you should visit ASAP. Follow this link

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