Five Businesses You Can Start in 2019

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Truth be told, the business environment in Kenya is not friendly. Starting a business and being able to sustain it in this country is very difficult.

More than 400,000 small medium enterprises (SMEs) die annually in Kenya. 80% of those SMEs that die annually do so in their first year of being established.

Here are 5 business that can survive 2019 in Kenya:

Set up a butchery

The meat industry is very lucrative in Kenya. It is the only business that those who invest in it make cash throughout the year. Set up a butchery, sell meat and start a small nyama choma just beside it and see how you will make some good money. Look for a strategic location, follow all the due process and keep the business rolling.

Start a chemist

The “sick” industry has money, lots of it. People are ever getting sick. People are ever looking for medicine to buy. By the way, did you know that you don’t need to be a doctor to set up a Chemist? Just look for what is required, fulfill all the requirements and start making some money out of sickness.

Start selling fast foods

Someone said that nothing is as permanent and as consistent as hunger. People, especially in major urban centers buy food. Start a fast food joint and make it more interesting by doing deliveries in offices and other places.

Start a laundry business

Laundry, oh yes, another very underutilized sector that has lots of money. Most laundry businesses that exist in town are expensive and not for everybody. Make yours affordable and see how you will make cash. Make it interesting, instead of customers coming to you, go to them.

Sell fruits

This might sound petty but is a business that can make you millions. Just start selling fruits, make fresh juices and establish yourself.

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