Don’t Eat Chicken Now and Eat like Chicken Later

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It is Christmas and people are spending. People are enjoying and eating “life” with a “big spoon” but 2018 is coming.

It is not bad to eat once in while, not a crime to use your own money the way you want either. But what is the point of eating chicken now and then embark on eating like chicken the rest of 2018?

Christmas is a day in 360 days. This day may either break you or make you financially. It can make you if you take the time to reflect and plan. It can break you if you take it as an opportunity to squander life.

This does not mean that you should not be happy. No. Be happy. Enjoy life. But remember, tomorrow is waiting.

2017 was such a rough year for businesses. We still don’t know how 2018 will be. The best we can do is plan for it, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

This Christmas, therefore, reflect on 2017, look back and see how it was. Sample out your strengths and weaknesses. Then plan. Make your strengths stronger and work on improving on your weaknesses.

Merry Christmas. Eat life. Call your friends and enjoy. But don’t make it too much because Big Brother, 2018, is waiting.

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