Do not be left out Digital Marketing Masterclass By digital4africa

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The business world is continuously changing. Technology is shifting the ground on how the business should be done in both marketing and advertising. A wave of change is sweeping across the world and social media is the new thing in town and the only savior of giving businesses and online presence.

Coupled with digital marketing, social media, and technology in general, technology is a train that has since left the station. Most businesses are already on board and those not, risk being shaped out of the business field.

It is with this in mind that digital4africa has organized for a Digital Marketing Masterclass that will happen at Citadel in Westlands. The two-day event is aimed at equip participants with the skills to discover proven digital marketing techniques to boost sales and increase brand awareness.

The event will include a team of six experts led by their team leader, Francis Waithaka who is a Digital Marketing Strategist and the CEO of digital4africa. Others include Nicholas Steward, a Certified Google Analyst and Website Developer, Elsie Birech, an SEO and Media Buying Consultant and a Certified Good Analyst, Lilian Wangare who is a Social Community Manager, Sylvia Mukami who is a Content Marketing and SEO Consultant and Google AdWords certified and Brian Wamiori, a Web, and Mobile App Developer.

The lessons will take place on 4th and 5th of October from 9 am to 4 pm. Interested? Contact for more information.


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