Dear Trump, A Message from the “Shit-Hole” Country

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Dear Mr. Trump,

You may be the President of the United States of America but that does not give you the mandate to refer to us, African countries as “shithole”.

You may be a shit-hole yourself but that does not mean that everyone is like you. As African countries, we have everything to be proud of and we do not need you Mr. Trump to survive.

You call African countries shithole? Do you even know what Africa means to America? Do you even know that was it not for Africa, America would be nowhere? Do you even know that was it not for your exploitation of Africa, Africans would be the superpowers of this world?

Mr. Trump, we have one of the fertile soils in the world. We have natural rivers, wild animals in natural habitats and do you know what? We see the sun as it rises each day.

We have minerals. All the precious minerals on earth are found in Africa. Go to the Democratic Republic of Congo and see how rich they are in minerals. Go to Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya and all over Africa.

We love peace. We respect people no matter their status in society. We care. We encourage. We construct and we preach harmony. And Mr. Trump? What do you have to show as a mark you will leave when you finally depart?

You pride yourself of being a billionaire. That doesn’t make you a superhuman. In fact, you have made your billions through avoiding paying tax, exploiting your workers, and defrauding other countries. That is what we call shithole.

You speak without thinking. You are arrogant and foolish. Above all, you are a psycho and you need urgent medical checkup. I don’t know what Americans saw in you. Moving from Obama to you, Americans did the worst mistake ever.

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