A Sit-down with Ruth Yole, CEO and Founder of Ruth Yole

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Everyone has a talent. What is rare, is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads. Talent is God’s gift to a human being. It is your purpose which one day, while before him, you will be asked to account for it.

“I am as I am. I am Ruth Yole and my brand is Ruth Yole. I am my brand and my brand is me,” said Ruth Yole as soon as we settled down for a chit-chat.

Who is Ruth Yole? Ruth Yole is a Kenyan designer brand providing a variety of tastefully designed and carefully crafted products and services. Officially established in 2017, Ruth Yole, was initially, ‘Riptamai’ and changed to its current name in 2018.

“As a brand we tailor-make our products to suit individual tastes and preferences like color, taste, texture and so on. Our products include clothing- both for men and women, accessories; belts and hair accessories, jewelry and bags, cakes and food. We also have a cooking show on youtube, ‘This is Ruth Yole,’ featuring fun, creative and easy to make recipes,” she says.

She believes in the concept of the customer is the king and queen. “As we value each and every client, we give personalized consultations so as to fully understand the clients’ needs and preferences. It’s always a joy serving our clients,” she added.

According to Ruth Yole, the following is what she does during her crafting of amazing works:


We prefer having a face to face consultation so as to fully understand your needs and preferences. Before visiting the atelier, it is important to call in advance. If you would like us to come to your location, we will do so at a fee, depending on the location.


Not all products require sketching but for those that do, the sketching fee and time required for sketching depend on the type of product preferred. We incorporate your inspiration but also consider body type (for clothing and accessories) the kind of event (for cakes and food) the material and budget and advise accordingly. After this, we take measurements, if required and do any calculations required. We will also work out the total cost for you. After this, you will require paying a 65% deposit of the total amount before work commences.


The production time depends on the type of product and how busy we are at the time, as we work on a first come, first serve basis. We also put your time frame into consideration and aim at giving you only the best quality products and services. We will give the date when we expect completion of production.


Once the product is complete, we will let you know. Depending on the agreement you will collect the product or we will deliver it at a fee.

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