2018 Is For the Prepared: Shape in or Shape Out

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Kenyans joined the world in ushering in 2018 and waving goodbye to 2017. To most Kenyans, 2017 was the worst year ever, a year like never before.

Many Kenyans feel that 2018 will be easy and that is why they welcomed it with such ecstasy, song and dance.

To the surprise of many, 2018 might just be another 2017 in disguise and might even be more tough than its predecessor.

The subsidized unga is no more. The Ministry of Agriculture has already announced that the prices for a 2-kg pack will go as high as 120 shillings from the current 90 shillings. Some feel the price will even hit 150 shillings.

Fuel prices increased towards the end of December 2017. It was on 14th of December to be exact. They will be adjusted again on 14th of January 2018 and with the current economic situation, they might increase even further.

The inflation was high the better part of 2017. Towards the end of December, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics announced that the country had registered the lowest inflation at 4.5 percent. However, the numbers did not add up. Food prices were up, fuel prices up, transport costs up, one therefore wonders how they arrived at “the lowest inflation rate in 13 months.”

Changes in the Financial Act 2017 will start taking shape this January of 2018. Despite the good talk of “tax relief” Kenyans are likely to feel the heat by paying new taxes.

The list is endless. The fact that this is a new year does not necessary mean that things will be okay. 2018 is a year for the prepared. Those who won’t shape in will have to shape out.

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