You Can Still Make It Through January

Millions of Kenyans joined the rest of the world to welcome the new year 2018. Kenyans wanted 2017 gone.

Kenyans wanted the new year, yes, but they never wanted the new year to start with the month of January.

Having literally shown those who live in the villages how tough they are in spending during December festivities, Kenyans often “come back to life” during the month of January.

During January, Kenyans often turn from being “rich” to “poor”, from eating chicken to eating like chicken, from living ” high” to “down to earth.”

What most Kenyans do not know, however, is that you can actually make it through January. The first unwritten rule of getting through January is that “use your money wisely in December.”

If people used their money wisely in December, everyone would be “rich” in January and the month would not seem as though it has 62 days.

Slim your budget for January. During this “long” month in the “Kenyan calendar”, you don’t need to live like a prince or princes if you can’t afford it.

Use the little you have. Stop going into debts just because it is January. Use what you have and wait for the month to end.

Can you get through January? Yes. How? Use your money wisely in December and in January, stick to the little you have.

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