Six Early Signs That You Might Suffer a Heart Attack

Cases of heart attack have become very common nowadays with many people dying abruptly even without knowing that they are suffering from heart related problems.

Initially, things to do with heart attack were associated with lifestyle issues with many considering it as the illness of the rich. Not anymore, everyone is at risk of getting a heart attack.

According to cardiologists, a heart attack occurs when one or more of coronary arteries become blocked, or narrows as a result of the build up of various substances such as cholesterol.

A heart attack can also occur through spasm. This is the process where a coronary artery shuts down blood flow to the part of the heart muscle causing that part to die. It may also occur due to a tear of the heart artery.

Here some of the early signs that you might be dying of heart attack soon:

i) Sudden dizziness

ii) Abnormal fatigue

iii) Cold sweat

iv) Shortness of breath

v) Nausea, indigestion, heartburn and abdominal pain.

vi) Chest discomfort such as feeling of pressure, squeezing and pain.

The best way to find out if your heart is healthy is to visit a doctor from time to time.

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